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  1. Tripack
    Cotton Handkerchief Tripack Cotton Handkerchief Tripack
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  2. Cotton Handkerchief Print Shells Cotton Handkerchief Print Shells
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  3. Cotton Handkerchief Print Gomena Cotton Handkerchief Print Gomena
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  4. Cotton Handkerchief Boat Print Cotton Handkerchief Boat Print
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  5. Fish Print Cotton Handkerchief Fish Print Cotton Handkerchief
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Men's Cloth Handkerchiefs

Here, you can find the collection of men's cloth handkerchiefs – a symbol of that quality and attention to detail that have always distinguished Perofil. Choose your favourite colour!

An unmistakable detail by Perofil

You will find different sizes, colours and patterns for exclusive and recognisable men's cotton handkerchiefs. A touch of class for an elegant and refined style.

Only top-quality cotton

Perofil handkerchiefs will last a long time, wash after wash, thanks to the high quality of the cotton yarns that we select with care and attention. Soft and comfortable materials: a caress on the skin.