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    High Briefs Double Mercerized Cotton Aperto High Briefs Double Mercerized Cotton Aperto
    as low as €35.00

Men's High-rise Briefs

The high-waisted men's briefs by Perofil are suitable for those looking for maximum coverage in a brief. Models that encompass absolute comfort. Find the one that's right for you and buy comfortably with just a few clicks. You will not be disappointed with Perofil's quality.

The best yarns for men's high-waisted underwear

The excellent quality of the yarns makes the high-waisted men's underwear pleasant to wear, soft and fresh, and guarantees a long life, even after numerous washes in the washing machine. So your briefs will always remain good as new. Seeing is believing.

Discover the range of high-waisted briefs

Perofil offers different types of high-waisted briefs. Models with front opening are available, both horizontal, as in the Canguro model, and vertical, such as the Aperto model. A guarantee of maximum comfort and functionality.