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Men's Handkerchiefs

The cloth handkerchief is a real classy detail, an accessory that distinguishes the elegant man.
It is the true symbol of Perofil's tradition that was born more than a century ago and begins its history with the production of tailored handkerchiefs, invented by Perofil.

It isn't an ordinary handkerchief

The cotton handkerchief represents for Perofil a symbol of quality and attention to detail that has always expressed the soul of a brand that owes its origin and uniqueness to these male-class accessories.

The environmentally friendly handkerchief

The life cycle of the cotton handkerchief is more environmentally friendly than that of paper handkerchiefs. From the use of raw materials to the consumption of water and electricity up to air and water pollution: the cloth handkerchief has less impact on the environment than paper ones.
This is why fabric handkerchiefs are not only synonymous with style and elegance, but also with attention to nature.