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Discover the best seller products. Our flagships, our trademarks. The most famous briefs, boxers and t-shirts that combine maximum comfort with durability over time. Our customers are the proof.


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Innovating means improving the wellbeing of man

For us the most modern techniques enable us to do this: by combining the centenary tradition of our company with the most advanced techniques and the most modern design, we are able to obtain the quality you are looking for in underwear, pajamas, homewear and men's socks.

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We take great care in creating Perofil products for men. This is why we want to create a dialogue, talk to you and exchange ideas. Here you will find all the latest news on Perofil, its activities and the new products. We are looking forward to receiving your comments.

Perofil - New Spring Summer Collection 2020

Each passion is a unique experience to be lived following one's personality.

Perofil - New Spring Summer collection 2020

Perofil garments represent men with different characters and styles, but with common passions, such as that for engines.