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Ethics and Responsibility

CSP INTERNATIONAL is aware of the challenges and opportunities that the market imposes and the need to make choices which suit the principles of sustainable development and protection of the safety of its employees.
It therefore give primary importance to having an organisational system that allows it to harmonise and monitor its processes and the collection of information generated by the same, and is committed to establishing and maintaining an integrated environmental and safety system, aimed at ensuring continuous improvement of processes, environmental performance and management of the health and safety of its employees, in addition to the satisfaction of all parties concerned, prevention of environmental pollution, accidents and occupational diseases.

To pursue corporate effectiveness and efficiency, CSP INTERNATIONAL focuses on its strong point, namely:

  • - The organisation's ability to innovate, evolve, manage and address change
  • - The commitment, diligence, fairness and proficiency of its people
  • - The sense of affiliation within the company, the sense of identification with the company and its objectives

The main lines of action that the company intends to follow, in terms of environmental protection and Occupational Health and Safety issues are:

  • - Adoption of rules and prescriptions additional to the mere legal requirements and regulations, which focus on its environmental aspects and all health and safety risks
  • - Monitoring of consumption of resources, energy, the amount of waste produced and improving management of the same
  • - Monitoring of accidents, occupational diseases and incidents and improvement or relative management
  • - Adoption of all measures necessary to limit the onset of emergency conditions and any consequent impacts
  • - Adoption of increasingly effective preventive measures to safeguard the health and safety of employees
  • - Adoption of measures to improve the environmental sustainability of processes
  • - Design, realization and offering of sustainable products, also considering the indirect environmental impacts
  • - Promotion of the organization's actions and of the its results achieved in environmental sustainability and in support of health and safety in the workplace

To guarantee conformity with such principles, the company:

  • - Adopts a preventive approach to the management of environmental and safety related problems
  • - Periodically reviews the efficacy of the management system adopted by checking achievement of the objectives and targets set for this purpose
  • - Promotes awareness among its personnel concerning the objectives, desired results, accountability, motivations and individual commitment in the realisation of this system
  • - Informs all stakeholders, and anyone who requests such information, on its environmental and safety policy
  • - Exploits all human and financial resources required

The Board of Directors, on a proposal made by the Management Review Meeting, establishes short and medium term objectives that are disseminated and shared at all levels of the organization.
The Environmental and Safety Policy, and all related goals and objectives, are examined on a regular basis by the CSP INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors during the Management Review.