It’s holiday time! Your long-awaited holidays have finally arrived but now you have to deal with the packing of the suitcase. To help you, we have created a simple and quick list of things to remember that you can consult at all times.

Underwear is one of the essential things to pack in a suitcase: don’t forget briefs and boxer briefs, T-shirts and, why not, the must-have piece of the summer: vests. Always put your underwear in a separate bag to keep it clean and tidy, ready for use. This way your underwear will also be protected from any rubbing that could damage the fabrics. What about tights? You may need them even while on holiday, especially in the evening for a dinner or a walk. Long or short, colourful or plain, they are always the right accessory for every occasion. Finally, to those who even on holiday don’t want to do without their pyjamas, we recommend a jogging suit to be worn both in bed and during the day to go out. Maybe, reading this post you realised that it’s time to replace your underwear? No problem! Go on and make up for lost time! Once you have packed the essential, you can have fun with the rest but don’t overdo it! Happy holidays from Perofil!