Perofil Nuova collezione Primavera estate 2020

Here are solutions that can be used all year round: our Match and 4Seasons series, ideal garments for every season.
Match is the solution we have designed for your convenience, a bipack package with a couple of products suitable to meet your needs.
Match Mini Briefs is the pack for lovers of briefs: 2 bi-elastic stretch cotton garments guarantee resistance, comfort and adaptability to the body thanks to the characteristics of a very high quality fabric.
For those who prefer boxers, we have created Match Boxer Parigamba ( whose composition 95% cotton and 5% elastane allows comfort and breathability unique.
However, the proposal is not limited to this. The bi-pack packs are also available for the upper body: Match Crewneck T-shirt is a T-shirt that thanks to the double sanforizzo ensures stability and elasticity even after frequent washing.
With Match, comfort is your favorite color: all products are in fact available in three different colors, white, black and blue, designed to satisfy everyone's tastes.
For those looking for garments to wear always, without any worries, we offer our 4seasons line.
Enveloping and delicate creations on the skin in which the quality of cotton is combined with the energy of the LYCRA® fiber for products with pleasant and very light comfort, which combines well-being and health.
4seasons is the new generation men's underwear: products with a young and modern fit, perfect for wearing under any garment and for enhancing the lines of the body without hindering its movement.
The stretch cotton, the shaped cut and the ultra-flat seams make these products the ideal choice to feel at ease, comfortable and always fresh.
Crewneck or with V-neck, with or without sleeves whatever your favorite model, the 4seasons line will satisfy your tastes. 4seasons also offers a wide range of underpants, the Boxer Short Push-upor the Parigamba combine sartorial quality and innovation in models that, thanks to the shell riveted inside, support without constricting.
Those who prefer more classic solutions, such as briefs, can choose between the medium model and the mini model with a low waist, in which the ultra-flat anti-chafing seams and the dubbed fabric give a unique comfort.
As for the Match line also 4Seasons offers its proposal in different colors; in addition to white, blue and black, you can find these garments in the dark gray melange color.
Perofil really offers solutions for all tastes, going to cover men's underwear in all its nuances.