Perofil Nuova collezione autunno inverno 2020

Since 1910 we have been driven by one concept: innovation.
Day after day, year after year, we dare and experiment, producing garments that are al-ways characterized by high quality and with the aim of offering maximum comfort.
In celebration of our 110 years, we have decided to take on a challenge that has the great ambition of revolutionizing not only our production at its root, but the entire world of men's underwear.

Always attentive to sustainability, this new project aims to create an entirely responsible production cycle: Perofil ReVive is born, our eco-friendly project.
1 challenge, 1 rebirth, 0 waste, these are the pillars of the project, which unravels through our yarns, completely regenerated or recycled.
Supported by the best partners on the international textile scene, with the highest green traceability certifications, we have created a project that goes beyond the concept of the collection, strengthening our eco-friendly thinking and dictating a substantial change to-wards a circular economy model.
A philosophy that is fully embraced, not only in the creation of the garments but in the en-tire production chain around it.
Three keywords accompany the entire line:

- Reuse: the high-quality eco-sustainable multi-fiber derives from exclusively regenerated raw materials.
- Reduce: the approach aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption.
- Recycle: because even the packaging wants its part; hence the choice of a recycled and 100% recyclable packaging.

With Perofil ReVive we give new life to natural and man-made yarns in the creation of a capsule that wants to generate the new must-haves of Perofil underwear and loungewear. The fibers are ultra-technological and allow you to have high-performance and comfortable fabrics of the latest generation.

The socks are available both in plain color and in a striped pattern; microfiber is used for underwear, in-cluding t-shirts, briefs and shorts, elastic and highly breathable.
Jackets, trousers and t-shirts complete the line, always characterized by recycled and regenerated cottons in different mélange colors, from gray to turquoise, passing through blue.
Every centimeter of these products has been designed and manufactured in a sustaina-ble way: from the seams, made with regenerated microfiber thread, to the elastic parts in eco-sustainable raw cotton.
The customization of the logo also follows the philosophy of the line: made with water-based ink, it has a zero impact on the environment, while the elastomers used are certi-fied and of premium quality.

Perofil ReVive is certainly a project characterized by a strong ambition, the ambition that has characterized us from birth, the same ambition that drives the men we have been dressing for 110 years.
A project that goes beyond individual products and becomes a real green manifesto for the brand, destined to mark the way for the next hundred years Perofil.