Perofil Homerwear

Each journey consists of several elements, different yet always the same.
The most important, the engine of everything, is that of desire.
Desire to know, to discover, to measure oneself with new things, or to return to beloved places.
Youth trips are light: a few t-shirts, a pair of shorts and underwear.
The backpack is ready.
As adults, travels change: quieter rhythms are appreciated.
The backpack is replaced by the trolley, but t-shirts and underwear do not change, they are clothes we remain faithful to because they are perfect for our body.
The journeys of maturity are almost as light as those of youth: what matters is what is gathered along the road.
Then all you need is an smart baggage: those clothes that are our second skin.
Perofil garments are comfortable, high quality, and they resist even the most frequent washes: ideal traveling companions.