Perofil Nuova collezione SS21

With the end of summer and the lowering of temperatures, one item above all comes back to play a fundamental role in our closets, necessary to complete any kind of outfit: the undershirt.

Perofil's tank tops are designed to accompany the man in every occasion: from sport to the most elegant appointments. In our collection different materials, united by the high quality, alternate in the definition of models that can meet the needs of all.

The X touch line is the perfect choice for those who practice sports.
Thanks to the modal and elastane fabric, the garments of this line wrap around the body without constricting it, giving a snug yet soft feel. The special ultra-flat finishes and anatomical armholes also ensure total freedom of movement, even in the most are designed for the sporty man.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a garment to wear underneath a formal suit, capable of providing comfort and freshness even at the end of the day, Filo di Scozia is the ideal solution.

This yarn, the most precious among those used in underwear, besides having high thermal capacities, makes the garment resistant and unshrinkable and offers maximum resistance to pilling.
The Perofil line includes a series of extremely comfortable and high performance undershirts and t-shirts, both round-neck and V-neck.

A more versatile solution is our 4Season line: as the name suggests, the undershirts and t-shirts of this line have been created specifically to be worn during all four seasons of the year.
The perfect blend of cotton and elastane gives the garment excellent thermal and breathable capabilities while the ultra-flat cut and seams make it ultra comfortable and ideal under any garment.

The collection of tank tops and t-shirts, in different materials, is designed to meet different needs: wide-shoulder tank tops made to be invisible under shirts, wide armholes to allow freedom of movement, V-necks that allow you to keep your shirt unbuttoned without the tank top or shirt being visible.

Garments made to always feel perfect.