Perofil Nuova collezione autunno inverno 2020

The Bordighera Lawn Tennis Club, the oldest tennis club in Italy, is the setting for our new campaign.
Born in 1878 on the impulse of the British community that lived in Bordighera, it still bears in its name the traces of its origin.
A historic place, created to give man the pleasure of cultivating and enjoying his passions, where the classicism and tradition of tennis are dressed in charm and elegance.
A history of excellence that is reflected in Perofil's values.

No context could be more suitable to describe a collection that makes dynamism and comfort the characteristics of each garment; the new line has in fact been designed to guarantee extreme freedom of movement and freshness, thanks to the choice of top quality fabrics and workmanship.

Comfort thus finds in the new garments, inspired by this sport of immortal charm, new forms of expression.

Socks, which have always been Perofil's flagship product, discover innovative technologies and cuts and unique patterns in this line.
Wellness is the key word of a series of socks that make man's style a must: the tradition of Made in Italy is combined with innovation in the creation of products in which every detail, from the toe to the strap, is characterized by high quality.

Thanks to the thin linking, the seam on the tip of the sock becomes ultra-flat, imperceptible and invisible, guaranteeing unprecedented comfort. The cut of the sock and the quality of the yarns used, from the Filo di Scozia to Mako Cotton, give life to extremely enveloping products, designed to accompany the muscles in every movement, without forcing and, thanks to the high breathability, keeping the skin always fresh.

As for the style, the new collection offers unique colors and patterns, in line with the colors and warmth of the new season.

Color block, striped and geometric patterns are combined in a vast assortment of models, designed to satisfy every need, of taste and occasion.

Alongside the new season models, we have also renewed the line of continuous socks through a new range of products, all made with a single goal: to make the most of all your activities.