Perofil Filo di Scozia

"Mens sana in corpore sano": since ancient times the beauty of soul and mind have been presented inextricably linked to the one of the body.
Coming back from holidays there is nothing like physical activity to help resume the daily routine, purify the body and get back into shape.
The external well-being, conveyed by physical exercise, sees stretching as one of the most beneficial practices: practiced before and after training, it is fundamental in the prevention of tears and strains, accidents which is easier to encounter after the summer break.
Stretching, however, can also bring other advantages: thanks to the simplicity of execution and the adaptability to the characteristics of each one, it is a blessing for those suffering from stress, it gently acts on the cardio-vascular system and guarantees the necessary muscle elasticity to maintain a correct posture.
Following these simple principles Perofil has created a specific underwear line: Filo di Scozia Active.
To the well-known quality of the Lisle there is the technological component that gives elasticity, for a unique comfort.