Perofil - Choose your style

A beard has today become the hallmark of a look, a way to stand out and take care of yourself.
There is no such thing as a single style for everyone; it all depends on individual taste and the shape of your face.
So which is the right style for your beard?
If you have a round face, the ideal beard is one that lengthens the face, following the lines of the cheekbones and is bushy on the chin.
If you have a rectangular face, you can leave your beard shorter at the base and longer at the sides.
For a square face, a well-defined beard suits best, with clear-cut and precise lines around the cheekbones, short at the sides and longer on the chin.
Oval face? Give your imagination free rein; any style of beard suits you!
In any case, take care of yourself: set aside a few quiet moments just for you…and your beard!