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Perofil presents the new cover masks collection

Beautiful, comfortable and safe, the Perofil Cover Mask is ergonomic, filtering, breathable and washable.
Our cover mask is treated with an active ingredient based on silver ions with a sanitizing and antibacterial function.

Perofil Cover Mask

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Discover the best seller products. Our flagships, our trademarks. The most famous briefs, boxers and t-shirts that combine maximum comfort with durability over time. Our customers are the proof.


Perofil new filo di scozia active


2020 is a fundamental year for Perofil: it is not just about our 110th anniversary, but the beginning of a path towards the future that will highlight the values that have always been the pillars of the brand. Perofil 110 is a year-long project, in which we will retrace some important moments of our history on our social networks, and then share our vision of the future.

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PRF Beachwear Collection
PRF Beachwear Collection


#Performance, #Relax, #Fashion
A Capsule Collection dedicated to Beachwear that also becomes a metropolitan outwear, with free time garments where the concepts of dynamism and "untaggable" fashion are the common thread.
PRF is Performance with its t-shirts, swimsuits and beach towels. It is Relax with its polo shirts, T-shirts and Bermuda shorts proposed in new technical materials for a daily look. It is Fashion with its fluorescent colors that fit into the whole collection, both in the prints and in the solid color, giving a vitamin boost.
The new PRF capsule embodies heritage and innovation, giving space to a creativity that uses highly performing and versatile fabrics such as stretch nylon and where printing is the main character.


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We take great care in creating Perofil products for men. This is why we want to create a dialogue, talk to you and exchange ideas. Here you will find all the latest news on Perofil, its activities and the new products. We are looking forward to receiving your comments.

Perofil Nuova collezione Primavera estate 2020

Here are solutions that can be used all year round: our Match and 4Seasons series, ideal garments for every season.
Match is the solution we have designed for your convenience, a bipack package with a couple of products suitable to meet your needs.

Perofil Nuova collezione Primavera estate 2020

The arrival of summer inevitably marks the rise in temperatures; nurturing one's passions, especially those with a higher energy content, can be more demanding, thus risking to compromise the pleasure and fun of the activity.
At Perofil we are aware that to feel good about yourself it is important not to give up your passions.
For this reason, for years we have been committed to making garments that allow men to better enjoy their routine.