The new Spring-Summer collection was inspired by Perofil’s great passion for travelling. For us, travelling means freedom: the freedom to travel without a destination, to find and discover hidden gems in any new place. For each new finding will make you grow and enrich your life. You only need a pinch of curiosity and you are ready to go.

We invite you to begin your journey with Perofil: visit or your local store and check out the new collections of pyjamas, socks, homewear and underwear. Clothes that are light, fresh, comfortable. Homewear pieces that you can match in many different ways to create unique combinations. One-size tights with original patterns. Pyjamas that are not just simple pyjamas. No one wants to feel limited by categories anymore and that’s why the Perofil collection allows you maximum freedom. The trend of this season: wearing items of clothing in an unusual way, for example, matching jackets with pyjamas to go out. And keep experimenting! Of course, always in an elegant and stylish way. And Perofil is here to help.

Visit and tell us about your holidays.