Perofil Nuova collezione Primavera estate 2020

The arrival of summer inevitably marks the rise in temperatures; nurturing one's passions, especially those with a higher energy content, can be more demanding, thus risking to compromise the pleasure and fun of the activity. At Perofil we are aware that to feel good about yourself it is important not to give up your passions. For this reason, for years we have been committed to making garments that allow men to better enjoy their routine. (read more) We know how important comfort is in intimate clothing: the X-Touch and Filo di Scozia Active lines are born precisely from this premise, products designed specifically to ensure maximum comfort. X-Touch is born from Lenzing Modal® fiber, a fiber derived, through an exclusive process, directly from beech wood. In this way, a 100% natural cellulose is obtained which is processed without any use of synthetic components, so as to maintain its purity throughout the entire production. This particular fabric, combined with the elastic capabilities of Lycra®22 and the absence of seams in direct contact with the skin, guarantees softly enveloping lines. The X-Touch series offers a complete range of products, ranging from push-up boxersto briefs, all in different colors. The extraordinary hygroscopic index (i.e. the ability to absorb moisture) of the fabrics and its high transpiring power leave the skin with an extremely pleasant perception of freshness making it the ideal line for those who love to play sports even on the hottest days of the year. Another solution we have created for athletes is the Filo di Scozia Active line. Think of noble cotton, the highest quality par excellence, characterized by unrivaled strength and freshness, and combine it with Elastan and its elastic properties: what you will get is a line of extremely comfortable products. That you are a lover of briefs of boxer shorts ( or of the trunks Filo di Scozia Active will be for you. The 80/2 cotton thread (i.e. double twisted cotton, an undisputed workmanship and quality) finds its declinations also in monochromatic t-shirts made to be worn on every occasion. Three colors, both for the more classic model, round neck, ( and for the more daring V-neck, which will guarantee brilliance, well-being, and resistance over time thanks to the mercerization process to which all the garments in the line are subjected. Comfort does not stop there, however. We all know how a label can be very annoying; to ensure maximum comfort in Perofil, we have decided to replace it with a serigraphy printed directly inside the products: all information, from the brand to the size, is shown directly on the fabric. Perofil products are therefore the ideal partners for the man who decides not to give up his passions but rather, decides to carry them forward with style, elegance and comfort.