Perofil Nuova collezione FW21

A man always knows what he wants.
For those who love to take care of their appearance and look impeccable, even the home becomes a place to dedicate the right outfit.

So we start to present the Perofil F/W 2021 collection with the new line of pajamas.
In recent months, in fact, we have experienced firsthand how pajamas have come out of the bedroom to become a garment to be worn throughout the day, imposing themselves as a must-have in a well-kept men's closet.

Active for over a century in defining new standards for this timeless garment, this year we have once again made research, ingenuity and creativity the basic elements of unique garments that combine comfort, style and quality.
The new collection offers a complete proposal in all fabrics: from interlock to soft 100% cotton flannel, subjected to new fixings to increase the warmth, passing through Poplin, winter cotton, Merino and fleece.

In addition to the comfort and quality of the fabrics, the main and essential characteristics of pajamas, our research has also been directed towards new styles, designed to accompany the man in his daily life.

As regards the models, the Perofil pyjamas of the new collection are divided into two large groups: the classic pyjamas, with a shirt cut and wide pants, and the tracksuit pyjamas, with a seraph collar and pants with elastic at the ankle. The first is designed for those who never want to compromise on elegance without compromising on comfort, while the second is for those who love a sporty style.

From the point of view of colors, the models alternate classic and modern designs to exclusive prints. Solid color solutions are more suitable for the more sporty models, which this year, however, are also enriched by a series of garments with fresh and bright patterns.

The more classic cuts are declined exclusively with fantasies designed to give a touch of movement to the head: stripes and checks go to define two pajamas with a similar cut but different mood: extreme elegance or warm intimacy? You just have to choose!