Perofil - Sartorial quality, our mission

Offering Sartorial quality is our mission. Quality, stylistic research and innovation are our pillars, the principles on which we base our production every day. And our strengths.
It all starts from the choice of materials: we test each textile through a series of washes where each textile is washed and dried 50 times to ensure that we can offer you highly durable clothes.
Each yarn is carefully chosen and thoroughly tested, meticulously selecting only the best yarns in the world.
We design and manufacture our clothes with the dual aim to ensure perfect fit and comfort, essential qualities for underwear that must be worn every day.
Each item is checked to the smallest detail, also with the help of studies carried out in collaboration with doctors in order to better understand the male anatomy. Market surveys and customer interviews are a great help from people which allows us to improve every day and to better satisfy our customers’ needs, analysing and understanding their individual choices.
Our collections combine tradition with innovation, achieved through exclusive patents and modern styles and designed to suit the person who will wear them.
For over a century, we have combined tradition with the most advanced techniques with only one purpose: ensuring that you receive the best product ever.
Discover our history and all our products.