Perofil Nuova collezione SS21

August comes that time of year when routines are interrupted, giving us more time to devote to ourselves, to our passions. Away from the deadlines and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even a cozy place like our favorite room at home or a hotel room becomes an environment in which to immerse yourself.
It is so fundamental, in this period, to have a series of garments that allow us to enhance every moment. Garments designed for intimacy, but still able to tell our style.

At Perofil, which for over a century has made men's underwear our greatest specialization, we offer garments that make our customers feel at ease even on the hottest days of August.

Whatever your idea of ​​a holiday, your passion, your style, in Perofil you will find the underwear that's right for you.

For those who do not want to give up physical activity these days, we have thought of a line of sports underwear: the Filo di Scotland Active collection combines the quality of the best lisle with the refinement of cuts and seams, for highly performing garments, capable of supporting without forcing.
Boxers, briefs, tank tops and t-shirts make up a line designed for the needs of the sporty man. You will find it in our stores in three timeless colors: white, blue and black.

If, on the other hand, for you the holidays are first of all an opportunity to take it easy and relax in the tranquility of your home, perhaps lulled by the freshness of an air conditioner, between novels and culinary experiments, then the Boxer Gange is the one for you.
Classic model in pure cotton, embellished with striped and checked patterns, perfect to be worn as shorts, together with some slightly oversized shirts in a classic and comfortable outfit, elegant but not too much, for the man who never wants to look unkempt but who doesn't like to take himself too seriously

If, on the other hand, at home you do not want to give up expressing all your elegance, what you need is one of our open pajamas: the classic shirt cut of the upper part creates a refined outfit with the trousers.
High quality Poplin cotton and Lisle yarn are the perfect materials for the comfort and freshness that this garment must guarantee in the definition of two iconic and timeless models.

The Athens cotton open pajamas is a must for pajama lovers: available in three different shades of blue, this garment is embellished with a striped pattern, on tone, which refers to the most classic pinstripe suits.
The more sporty and exuberant solution is instead the open pajamas in Filo di Scotland Verona in which the cut of the upper part and the brilliance of the fabric, associated with the proposed colors , provide a more flamboyant solution.

Whatever your idea of ​​vacation is, you can count on Perofil: discover all the items and rely on our quality!