Perofil undewear

The never-ending dualism between slips and boxers is one of the big issues of the men’s underwear world.
Men have always been divided into two categories, constantly poised between personal taste and desired comfort.
Do you still have doubts about your choice? A good method would be to evaluate the context and the way in which you spend your days: are you a very sporty person? Perhaps you should prefer the comfort provided by a slip.
The perfect fit and the limited length of this underwear garment make it a must for every man.
There are different types of slips, including with high or low waist. They are made in a range of different fabrics, but the most common and best is cotton, thanks to its softness and the strength of the natural fibre.
It is always best to prefer cotton underwear because of its heat-insulating and antiperspirant properties.
Practical and space-saving, slips can be worn with any casual and everyday clothing: shorts, jeans and tracksuits are just perfect.
Boxers, on the other hand, are often considered more attractive and trendy.
They are similar to boxers’ shorts from which they take their name.
Today, the most common models are the intermediate ones, tight at the waist and thigh, known as boxer briefs. Together with boxer shorts, they are perfect for everyday life and activities, and can also be worn with gym shorts and casual outfits. Stretch boxers are suitable for everyday use and moderate sports activities requiring containment.
However, whatever your choice, what you really can rely on is the quality of materials and design that only Perofil can give you.