Perofil Nuova collezione autunno inverno 2020

We have officially entered the coldest period of the year, a season in which to enjoy your home and relax during weekends warmed by the fireplace and immersed in your passions.
In the city or in some snowy chalet in the high mountains, these days are proposed as real opportunities to escape from everyday life, in which to forget about everyday obligations.
It is precisely with these moments in mind that our new line of autumn / winter pyjamas is born: comfortable garments designed for the man who never wants to give up his style, even on the most intimate occasions.
Our collection of pyjamas ranges from classic to more original solutions in a collection designed to satisfy the tastes of each of you. The cuts, comfortable and elegant, are essentially two: the serafino model and the one with opening and collar. Starting from these evergreens, we then had fun playing with fabrics and colors to create a wide range of models.
The solid-color models are presented in classic shades of blue and blue, elegant solutions that never go out of fashion.
On the other hand, patterns find greater freedom, spreading over a wider spectrum of colors: in addition to the classic blue and light blue squares, in light flannel, we have created garments with patterns in orange, in gray and in green, also in flannel.
For those who have a more playful character and do not want to take themselves too seriously, choosing a less committed and a little more sporty solution, we have created seraph and crewneck models that make the combination of monochromatic elements with graphic patterns a common thread that runs through the entire collection.
Stripes, squares, floral and geometric motifs mix and play with colors in unique solutions, some more articulated, others more linear, up to the celebration of pure geometry, with our color block model.
During the creation of this collection, we liked to imagine the Perofil pyjamas as ideal companions, able to accompany you in intimacy and domestic warmth during the next few months, you are spoiled for choice.