Perofil Nuova collezione SS21

Stripes, geometries and lively prints: the new collection brings a breath of freshness as sparkling as the waves of the sea.
Like a powerful ace, the desire for novelty marks the point and takes the form of short pyjamas, t-shirts and socks not to be missed.
A collection that plays with figurative languages ​​and colors, which leaves space for male creativity to follow different and original paths.

Perofil has always talked about man's passions: from the pride of a job well done, to the love for art in all its expressions, from the roar of engines to sport, which can take the form of the dull sound of a ball court on red clay.

Inspired by tennis, the collection soon took on a unique trait, blending this elegant sport with the impetuosity and strength of the sea. A union that has meant because the first Italian tennis club was born right on the shores of the sea, in Bordighera.

So here is the international navigation flags, which decorate socks and t-shirts, tell us about adventures and distant journeys, towards sunny beaches dotted with palm trees.

Coded messages to escape from everyday life; under rigorous clothes, details that break the mold of classic fashion to restore the value of resourcefulness and originality.

A game between the lines that personalizes the short pyjamas in lisle: excellence of the fabric, which allows the skin to transpire and gives a sense of freshness - perfect for the first warm nights - combines with the panache of a design that is never predictable.

Even in the most classic models, the touch of color is not lacking: a simple contrasting collar and that's it. Long, soft and comfortable pajamas have become a style item.

An intertwining of classicism and innovation, of garments designed with rigor and attention to the codes of masculine style, and enriched by the disruptive creativity of the Italian tradition.

Discover the new collection: the value of Italian design for garments made to last, with absolute comfort and impeccable quality.