Perofil Nuova collezione autunno inverno 2020

Since ancient times, art and passions have been linked by an indissoluble relationship.
Man has always made art one of his passions and, conversely, his passions an art.
At Perofil we love to give voice to the passions of man by creating collections that are inspired by what makes us feel good.
For the new Fall / Winter 2020 collection we have thus decided to let ourselves be inspired by some of the most revolutionary artistic movements and to recall their distinctive features through our garments.
Architecture, painting, graphics, design, photography and music are the muses that have stimulated us in the creation of lines that play with geometries and colors, in original solutions designed for true lovers of beauty.

The new collection will dress the Perofil man from head to toe, accompanying him at every moment of his day with the style that has always distinguished each of our products: from underwear to socks, from homewear to pyjamas and dressing gowns up to garments to be worn even outside the home, such as t-shirts and cubs.

From Bauhaus to Pop Art, the fantasies are numerous, all to be discovered and combined, to discover the style that will best suit you.
A new balance takes shape between bright colors and more autumnal shades: yellow, red, green and vivid blue on one side, burgundy, gray and dark shades on the other, are mixed in geometric patterns, between color-block, abstract patterns or more classic paintings.

The cuts are renewed, further improving the high standard we were already accustomed to: boxers and briefs become even more comfortable, the absence of seams in contact with the skin and the structure made to support without forcing make them the ideal solution for everyday life.

Perofil garments combine style, comfort and even well-being; the finest cottons combine with top qual-ity technical fibers for garments that are always fresh and pleasant on the skin.

This fall, stimulate your creativity and free your passion for art: the new Perofil collection is made for this!