Perofil Nuova collezione SS21

Sustainability, today this is the most delicate issue for those who deal with fashion every day. Within a sector under the magnifying glass, considered one of the most impacting in terms of waste and consumption, it is now essential for a company to evolve through dynamics aimed at the future.

In Perofil, for several years we have chosen to embrace a more conscientious and respectful philosophy towards waste and consumption.
Ethical and sustainable commitment is now an integral part of our corporate DNA, and we are committed every day to the search for fabrics and production processes that make respect for the environment a prerogative.

One of the most iconic lines of our brand, the X-Touch collection, starts from this premise: a line of underwear whose main feature is eco-sustainability.
X-Touch products are made of Micromodal, a natural fabric that derives from beech, obtained from cellulose through a extraction and processing process that excludes the use of any synthetic component.
That of X-Touch is a proposal that combines respect for nature with the well-being of man, the fabric is in fact hygroscopic: it absorbs moisture from the body and releases it, guaranteeing a sensation of freshness in the hottest months and warming d ' winter.
100% biodegradable and natural, comfortable, soft to the touch, soft and elastic, Micromodal is a prime example of how, for us, innovation means, first of all, sustainability.

Rooted in every aspect of the company, the attention to sustainability finds more and more expression through our collections: the most recent case is the Revive line.
A capsule, launched in 2020 on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Perofil, which offers garments made with regenerated or recycled yarns, equipped with all the highest green traceability certifications.
Reuse, reduce, recycle are the keywords of a collection that makes sustainability the basis for the creation of products designed for the well-being of man: a series of underwear and loungewear that combine quality and comfort in the name of the green.

Choosing Perofil means making a choice for the future: from production processes to packaging, obviously passing from products made to last, our gaze is turned to well-being in its broadest sense, from that of the customer to that of the world in which we operate.