Perofil Nuova collezione SS21

When it comes to underwear, the difference is first of all the composition material. At Perofil we devote great attention to the selection of the fabrics we use to produce our garments and, also for this new capsule, we have decided to continue our concept of excellence in underwear, relying on the quality of one of the finest cottons in the world: Pima cotton.

Perofil 100% Pima Cotton is the new Perofil underwear line: a series of essential items for the man who knows that underwear is first and foremost well-being and comfort.

But what makes this particular fabric so extraordinary?

Pima cotton, also known as the gold of Peru because the plant is native to this area of ​​South America, is part of the variety with the extra-long staple.

The quality of cotton is closely related to the length of its fibers: those of Pima cotton measure about 35 mm, a length much greater than that of the fibers of generic cotton, which usually varies between 13 and 22 mm.
A particular value which, combined with its high fineness, guarantees the fabric extraordinary capabilities in terms of shine, softness and longevity.

With properties similar to silk, Pima cotton is ideal for sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic, fresh and breathable; qualities that will make the Perofil garments of this new collection perfect for the hot days just around the corner.

The Perofil 100% Pima Cotton underwear line consists of briefs, mini-briefs, rugby half sleeve t-shirt and V-neck half sleeve t-shirt Must-have products in the three colors that best meet the needs of the classic, contemporary and modern man: white, blue and black.

With the desire to continue our path aimed at promoting an increasingly sustainable market and to offer more comfort through multiple packs, we have decided to offer the garments of the Perofil 100% Pima Cotton line in bipack packs.

So we wanted to launch into a bet, which has the hint of a prediction rather than that of a gamble: once you have tried Pima cotton, a single garment will not be enough.